We are Mexican Pork

High-quality pork is produced with good nutrition through an integrated management system, mainly wheat.


All our production is certified with the highest quality standards and is perfectly suitable for safe consumption.

Premium Quality

Perfect soft meat that accompanies all menus. Its tender and low-fat meat is highly valued by consumers.


Our exports have diversified to countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and the USA.


Mexican Pork complies with several international certifications in hygiene and quality control such as TIFF, HACCP among others.

Environmental Awareness

Our organization is aware of our environment, that is why our production plants are regulated to avoid generating contamination.

Social Responsability

We comply with a series of criteria sponsored by the Mexican government that encompass social and environmental sustainability.

About Us

MPEA is an association made up of 12 different pork producers in Mexico. It receives financial assistance from the Mexican Government through different plans, implementing a variety of programs to promote its product throughout the world.
They also strive for more people to experience the taste of Mexican pork.

Mexican pork is carefully raised in production facilities, surrounded by the abundant resources of Mexico. Blessed with a warm climate and abundant water resources, the states of Puebla, Veracruz, Sonora, Yucatán, Sinaloa, and Jalisco are the main pork producing states in Mexico and are perfect places for pig farming.

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logo GCM

One of the largest integrated pork producers in Mexico.

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granjero feliz logo

Company dedicated to the commercialization and transformation of pork cuts.

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logo kowi

Currently positioned as one of the most important companies in the international market.

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Production and commercialization of agricultural products of pork and eggs.

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logo ricer

A company dedicated to the commercialization of pork cuts with a high level of quality.

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logo soles

Currently recognized as a leading company in the national market for the quality of its products.

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logo gena

Known for their high productivity, their main focus is the production of pigs, eggs and livestock.

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logo keken

Leading company dedicated to the production and commercialization of pork.

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logo norson

Founded in 1972 by a group of pig producers in Hermosillo, Sonora, México.

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logo proan

A company dedicated to the production of high quality food from natural resources.

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logo de sasa

Company dedicated to the industrialization and commercialization of pork.

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Yoreme produces pigs, cattle and eggs, all intended for human consumption.

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We export all over the world

Mexican pork exports have increased in recent years.
In 2013, Mexican pork exports were around 87,000 tons, 17% more than in 2012. Exports have diversified to countries such as Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Japan, South Korea and the United States.
This is proof that the attractiveness of Mexican pork is gradually taking hold in the markets.

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Why is it delicious?

Mexican Pork

It is the perfect soft meat that everyone prefers. It is an excellent pairing to taste with all menus, even with the pork chops. Our pork has excellent characteristics to satisfy your palate, from the taste to the texture that everyone loves. The secret of the flavor is given thanks to the fertile land of Mexico.
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Mexican goverment organizations that sponsor our association.
You can find useful information at their websites.

logo sader

It is the office of the Federal Executive Power in Mexico that is in charge of the administration, regulation and promotion of primary economic activities.

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logo senasica

The duty of this Mexican organization is to prevent the entry of pests and diseases that may affect the country’s agri-food sector. Which is carried out through the sanitary control of imports, exports, re-exports and transit of goods, all supported by legal regulations.

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