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About us

Ojai Group is dedicated to the production and marketing of agricultural products, hogs, and eggs. Founded in 1979 as a producer of eggs, belonging to one of the strongest groups in Sonora. Since the beginning, Ojai group has been characterized by its focus on the production of quality food.

In 1984 the company ventured into the swine industry as a producer and in the late 1990s decided to invest in a factory for the slaughter and processing of swine products.

Ojai group currently produces and markets eggs and pork with the highest quality standards, which has allowed them to reach a vast majority of the Mexican territory, as well as the international markets of Asia and America.

With more than 15 years of experience exporting fresh products internationally to countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Our wide national distribution network includes Supermarkets, Boutique Shops, Food Service, Wholesale and Semi Wholesale Packers, and Retail.

Product Safety Systems

  • POES
  • Quality of Water
  • Traceability and Labeling
  • Control of Harmful fauna
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Microbiology of products
  • Waste management and control
  • Control of Toxic waste
  • Operatohealth and hygiene
  • Pathogen reduction program
  • Animal welfare
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) • Mexico Supreme Quality System


sello tif
bpm certification
sello esr
sello sqf

Quality Control

  • Program of Inspection for the meat based on the NOM030 Specifications and procedures for the verification of meat, carcasses, entrails and offal from importation at checkpoints for animal health.
  • ESR (Socially-Responsible Company)
  • TCompliance checks from the Wal-Mart system of safety (Annual)
  • Certification to export to the following countries: Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, SOUTH KOREA, China pending, New Zealand pending, Certification for Marinated and Injected products.

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