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Proteína Animal SA de CV


  •   Km 2 Carr. San Juan – Guadalajara, San Juan de Los Lagos, Jalisco. México C.P. 47000
  •   +52 395 725 28 20
  •   www.proan.com
  •   www.proancarnedecerdo.com
  •   Omar Eduardo Romo Jiménez
  •   omar.romo@proan.com
  •   ventas.carne@proan.com
  •   Km 2 Carr. San Juan- San Sebastián – Encarnación de Díaz, San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, México
  •   Production capacity: 4000 pigs a day
  •   TIF #683

About us

We are dedicated to the transformation of natural consumables into high grade food for human consumption. Our main products are eggs, meat and dairy products, distributed in the Mexican and foreign markets.

Established as a company that stands out for its human capital, the use of state-of-the-art technology, the implementation of environmentally friendly processes and the recognition, and quality of our products.

PROAN, is our brand specializing in the production and marketing of swine products, with experts tending all processes to provide the best quality pork, which transforms into higher performance and better service for each customer.

Thanks to our processes, we have achieved traceability of our products, closely following the evolution of swine production, from obtaining breeding, development and completion, with optimal feeding at each stage.

Product Safety Systems

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
  • Good Maufacturing Practices
  • Traceability: Vertical Integration guarantees quality and safety assurance
  • POES (Standard Operating Procedures for Sanitation)


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Quality Control

    • TIF 683 (Federal Inspection Type No. 683)
    • HACCP
    • USDA
    • Authorization to export to Japan, United States, Hong Kong, South Korea and Canada.


Our commitment to the environment is a daily practice, for which we implement a series of processes that improve gradually for the betterment of these and to generate the least possible impact on the planet.

We strive to ensure that our wastewater is recycled, avoiding the eutrophication of surface water beds, in addition, solid waste is used in our compost for the fertilization of agricultural fields, which allows us to comply with biological cycles, positively impacting the ecology of our region. Avoiding the use of non-renewable fertilizers.


We have a strong commitment to the environment, that’s why we make our processes self-sustainable, we supply our facilities with electricity with the biogas generated with the waste of our pigs.

We produce 2 megawatts per hour

20 watts per hour, which is equivalent to 8 house lights, necessary to supply our farms.

We take care of all the water used in our processes. It gets treated for the irrigation of the green areas in our industrial park.

Also, we produce our boxes of corrugated cardboard by recycling newspaper and cardboard.

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