Proan Group - a company dedicated to the transformation of natural consumables into high quality foods for human consumption. Our distinguished products are eggs, egg products, meat and dairy products, which are distributed in the Mexican and foreign markets. 

We have consolidated ourselves as a company that is distinguished by its human capital, its use of cutting-edge technology, its implementation of environmentally friendly processes, and by the recognition and quality of its products.

Amara is a trademark of our group, specialized in the production and sale of pork products with experts in all processes to provide pork protein of the best quality, resulting in higher performance and better service for each client. 

It has been synonymous with quality since April 2001, as thanks to our processes we have achieved traceability in our products, closely following the development of our pigs, from the obtaining of semen in our post, breeding, development and finalization, with optimal feeding at each stage. 

We are Experts in animal protein, with more than 60 years of experience as producers with a specialized customer service and practices that ensure biosecurity having national coverage across all distribution channels; retailers, supermarkets, packers, wholesalers.

Production Capacity

450 pigs daily

Product Safety Systems

ISO 22000 FSSC

Traceability system(s)

There are records of each pig from the stud post to the end consumer. 

Generated tracking includes date of slaughter, date of cutting, packing date, expiration date. 

The farms have livestock practice certifications.

Quality Control(s)

Mexico supreme quality (attached*) 

Farms: certification of good livestock practices 

Trail: TIF certification 


Supplies (cardboard, bags) have ISO 9000, kaizen management systems.



Commercial Name


Company Name

Proteina Animal SA de CV

Corporate Address

Km 2 Carr. San Juan – Guadalajara, San Juan de Los Lagos, Jalisco. México C.P. 47000

Factory Location(s)

Potrero blanco #100, San José de Gracia. Tepatitlán Jalisco.


#165. PATE




Oscar Gael Jiménez Martín