Message from Our Members


We would like to take a moment to express our most sincere appreciation to all our  customers and partners In Japan for their continuous support for over 38 years. Without you, our progress and success would not be possible. For the last fourteen years, MPEA has embarked in a yearly promotion of campaigns, which has given us the possibilities of showing international consumers about México’s delicious, excellent quality and safety pork meat. Thru these years we have come to know and understand better the requirements and demands of very important markets such as Japan, South Korea and USA mainly and in the last three years to China, Canada, Chile and Singapore. We offer custom made products to satisfy our end users requirements and this is only possible due to the amazing skills of Mexican workers that have mastered the knowledge to produce pork items for each such markets.

    As Mexican pork meat producers we developed extended shelf life for our chilled products that distinguish us from our competitors, also we can offer a huge variety of value added products such as portion control items with very strict quality control procedures that have gain the trust of some of the most important supermarket chains and food service companies in Asia which are successfully promoting and selling Mexican pork in their stores with a positive feedback from consumers about the quality and flavor of  Mexican pork.

    Mexican Pork Export Association would like to thank again all our customers and consumers, for the continuous support during these years and renew our commitment to supply pork products with the best quality and meeting the changing needs of the market.