Proan, passion about food.

Proan, passion about food.

If we were to describe our collaborators, our processes, our meticulous production care, our sustainability, there is no word that describes best Proan than: passion.

Passion is what you do that compels you to demand, demand causes things to go well, and things well done make us all happy.

We have the experience for more than 60 years as leaders in the Animal protein market and the growth we had over the years confirming us as a Mexican company committed to food.

Our main engine is innovation, that why our constant work is reflected in each area of production. Thanks to the integration in all our processes, we obtain as a result always the same quality, in this way we assure to the consumers that our brands are synonymous of confidence.

As a result of our commitment to the environment, we are the first company 100% Mexican to obtain the certification of Clean Industrial Park issued by the PROFEPA 2015 (Federal Office of Environmental Protection). We achieved this certification thanks to our actions for the environment, through the use and reuse of water, low generation of waste, minimum energy consumption and recycling.

100% of the water used in our processes is treated for irrigation of the green areas of the industrial park. We supply electric energy our facilities with biogas, generated with the waste of bovine and swine; We produce 2 megawatts/hour; Every 20 watts/hour supplies a dwelling with 8 lights, with this energy we obtain what is necessary to supply our farms. We illuminate our sports and recreational fields with the energy captured by solar cells, as well.

The residues of our birds are reused in compost to enrich the agricultural soils and provide higher quality food for the offspring; We process 1.200 tons of compost daily.