Mexican Pork Consumers

Mexican Pork is highly evaluated for its “light fat, and tender and easy-to-bite meat.”

In order to see how Mexican Pork was being received by consumers, a sampling survey was conducted at the request of MPEA by an independent consumer research agency targeting 104 female consumers (randomly selected). According to the results of the survey, the overall opinion for both belly and loin leaned towards “light fat.”

This was owing to the fact that the majority of the feed of the pork is wheat, which affects the quality of the fat, although the comments would have varied depending on the amount of fat tasted for the sampling. In addition, there were positive evaluations such as: “tender and easy to bite,” “tasty lean meat with good aftertaste,” and “good flavor and firm meat texture.” The overall score for the meat color, the balance between fat and lean meat, and tenderness of meat showed that the meat quality, mouth-feel, and taste were suited to the taste of the Asian people, highlighting the healthiness and favorable image of Mexican Pork.